By LPFaust
Joculation features original comedy and satire inspired from the absurd paradoxes in art, culture, and current events. The world needs a little more truth in advertising, and our host LPFaust here to help with the messaging. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lpfaust/support
Joculation Episode 107 –The Miracle of Childbirth with a Twist of Misandrogyny, the Unfortunate Discovery of Naked & Afraid in Love, and a Woman Possessed by the Ghost of Michael Jackson
23 Sep 2021
67 min
15.964 $
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Joculation Episode 106 –The Frozen Honey TikTok trend, Arts & Crafts with Steve-O from Jackass, and the Canadian Olympic athlete who repaired a hole in her canoe with a spare condom
31 Aug 2021
77 min
12.750 $
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Joculation Episode 105 –Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: the Colorado Van Life Edition, Terrible TikTok Food Hacks to Ruin Strawberries this Summer, and Starting an Exorcism Side Hustle with Miss Cleo
04 Aug 2021
58 min
13.036 $
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Joculation Episode 104 – Packing Non-Alcoholic Vodka in the Kids School Lunch, Creative Responses When the Teacher Wants to Know Just One Thing About You, and Adventures at the Wild Basin Trail Privy
21 Jul 2021
47 min
4.201 $
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Joculation Episode 103 – Running an Illegal Fireworks Stand for Fun and Profit, the Jeff Bezos Petition to Buy and Eat the Mona Lisa, and the Strange History of Napoleon’s Penis
14 Jul 2021
42 min
6.229 $
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Joculation Episode 102 – Summertime Funtime at the Kentucky Redneck Rave, An Exorcism in the Lumber Aisle at the Home Depot, and a Reddit Guide to Culturally Appropriating Veganism
07 Jul 2021
59 min
6.453 $
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Joculation Episode 101 – Teledildonic Orgies, Farting the Blessings of Christ on the Flock, and Whipping Up a Batch of Vanilla Flavoring from Plastic Bottles and EColi
30 Jun 2021
69 min
7.351 $
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Joculation Episode 100 – Microdosing for the Annual Job Performance Review, the Post COVID Summertime Penis Festival Circuit, and Uncle LP’s Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas
23 Jun 2021
68 min
5.795 $
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Joculation Episode 99 – TikTok Job Interviews, The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of Invisible Art, and Gonzo Journalism from the Local Swingers Club
09 Jun 2021
76 min
5.702 $
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Joculation Episode 98 – The Buttplug Black Market of Pakistan, The Walmart Potato Chip Aisle Ten Pound Beef Log Battle Royale, and Company Mandated Masturbation Breaks at Work for Productivity
02 Jun 2021
70 min
20.617 $
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