What is Aureal ?

Aureal is a blockchain based podcast directory – powered by Hive.

Aureal is a home for quality podcast content and rewarding the community for the quality content irrespective of where they are.

Aureal enables smooth onboarding of podcasters to blockchain technology where the users are getting paid their time & resources and learn while enjoying the social aspects of hive blockchain.

What is the difference between other podcast apps and Aureal ?

The primary difference is that Aureal is built on Blockchain which enables podcasters and listeners to get rewards for their unique contribution. The data is immutable, uncensorable, you own the community and only you have the access to your data and nobody else.

Why would I choose Aureal?

Aureal is a utility for you to help you get the value of your content. You simply connect your podcast to Aureal and your content would be monetisable right away.
Podcasters as well as their listeners who contribute by rating the best content on the Aureal get rewarded meanwhile you still continue to create your podcasts from wherever you are. Your content is available on Blockchain automatically.
Now you can monetise your content without ads or sponsorships through the power vested in you by Hive Blockchain.

What is Hive Blockchain ?

Hive is a blockchain that was designed to be fast, feeless, decentralized, uncensored platform for Web3.0 applications, with built-in features where stake holders can earn rewards by staking, curating, posting, playing games, trading – all without any middle man (decentralized). Tokens on Hive blockchain called HIVE, HIVE DOLLARS, HIVE POWER.

How does Aureal work?

Aureal stores and reads data from the blockchain, and thus data is accessible and uncensored. Aureal rewards content creators with built-in incentive mechanism of blockchain, with tokens (HIVE, HIVE DOLLARS, HIVE POWER) . Tokens can be purchased and sold in major cryptocurrency exchanges (e.g. Binance, Bittrex).

How to join Aureal?

Go to and create an account. After signup you will receive a message with further instructions. You can either integrate your hive account or signup for new one, don’t forget to save your keys somewhere safe. Once you have connected your hive account you are set.

You can download the mobile app from and simply follow the instructions to get your podcast connected with Hive.

How to login to Aureal?

You simply sign in using your username and password. Once your Hive account is connected with Aureal, everything is automated. To Access your Hive Wallet, use your keys or master password to enable any transaction.

Where do the tokens come from?


The Hive network continually creates new digital tokens to reward content creators and curators. Some of the newly-created tokens are transferred to users who add value to platform by posting, commenting, and voting on other people’s posts. The remainder is distributed to holders of HIVE POWER and the witnesses that secures the blockchain.

How do I see my episode rewards?


All your content rewards are available on wallet page. If you want to see the value generated by the individual episode, it’ll be visible on the bottom of that episode if it is published on Hive Blockchain.

Can I post my already  published episodes?


Once you’ve connected your podcast with Aureal, you can publish your episode on Hive Blockchain, the new episodes which you create gets automatically published on Aureal. Your listeners can now upvote your content on Aureal.

Can all my listeners upvote?


To upvote, you need to connect your Hive account with Aureal. If your listeners do not have a hive account, they’ll have to sign up for it. Once their account is connected, they can now upvote, comment and curate or even have their own podcast on Aureal.

When can I claim my rewards?


Episodes and comments remain active for 7 days and rewards are fluctuates depending on votes and market price of token, that is why rewards are approximated as pending reward. When the period is over, pending reward changes to actual reward and you are able to claim earned rewards. In your Wallet, click the Claim Rewards button to add the tokens to your account.

What are resource credits?


Transacting on the Hive blockchain has zero fees, transaction rate-limiting is employed to safeguard the blockchain from spam attacks. Every action that you take on the blockchain will consume a small amount of Resource Credits. This includes posting, commenting, voting, transferring tokens, etc. Viewing content does not consume Resource Credits.

Every user has a limited amount of Resource Credits to use each week. The more transactions a user does, the less Resource Credits they will have left (until they recharge). Users with more HIVE POWER will have more Resource Credits.

If you run out of Resource Credits, you will be unable to transact with the blockchain until your Resource Credits recharge (happens automatically) or you acquire additional HIVE POWER to increase your Resource Credit balance.

What is considered Spam or Abuse?



  • Leaving nearly identical or materially similar comments on multiple posts.
  • Using tags that are unrelated to the post.
  • Threatening users with any type of physical violence.
  • Not citing sources when using someone else’s material.
  • Posting ‘not safe for work’ content without using the “nsfw” tag.
  • Scams or Fraudulent offers.
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