Your Voice Is Worth Something Aureal is a decentralised podcast app that helps you monetise your podcast without ads or sponsorships.
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The Podcast App That Pays You

An all-in-one podcasting app built on blockchain that helps monetise your

content without ads or sponsorships



Community is the key to any podcast which enables the value of the content being made. Aureal is completely based on communities where, when the community upvotes, both the listener and the podcaster generates monetary rewards based on the interactions.

Made for Creators & Listeners

Tools you might need

Inbuilt tools that you need to create

Introducing cryptoeconomics to podcasting

Simply add your episode link and your content is forever on Blockchain

Your upvotes has a monetary value

Every Interaction counts. Aureal rewards you for upvotes, on your content as well as the content you consume.

We’re Connecting you to Crypto

You monetise

Without ads or sponsorships.

The community rewards you

Whether you are a listener or creator, your get rewards* to





Aureal 2.0 - The podcast platform that rewards you for interactions | Product Hunt
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